Monday, 10 November 2014

Casting ourselves like the old South Africa, against the world

Climate policy is where our current leaders demonstrate the determined qualities shown by the leaders of old apartheid South Africa. See in this report how we resist pressure to be constructive about the future.

There is an entrenched cultural tendency in Australia to sneer at thoughtfulness, which combines with a tendency to make up arguments to suit prejudice. As is the case with the Prime Minister's business adviser as he argues among other things about climate change.

It's depressing then also that the Labor party in opposition is too timid, too burned, to carry the case that the government is wrong.

This week APEC in Beijing and then the hosting by Australia of the G20 in Brisbane. Another international burden thrust upon this conservative government by the previous Labor government along with membership of the Security Council which the conservatives so disparaged in opposition but which has with war and plane crashes given them so much space in which to march up and down and whip chauvinist sentiment in this centenary of the beginning of the First World War, without focus on the fact that the world fell into WWI through pigheaded focus on hard, old, military mindedness.

When you are at a turning point in history only the twisted remain steadfast against change. 

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